Monday, March 09, 2009


Will Obama end the illegal experimentation on American citizens being conducted by the Dept. of Defense?

It's true. Obama is doing a great job. You can tell he cares about the people--not just the rich.

Will he end the illegal experimentation on American citizens being conducted by the Dept. of Defense?

Will he cut the budget that is financing the illegal experimentation on innocent citizens by the Dept. of Defense.

They are testing electromagnetic weapons on ordinary citizens and this experimentation goes on for years until the 'guinea pig' dies.

There are billions of dollars being spent annually over the last 10 years on this illegal experimentation according to Nick Begich's book "Angels don't play this HAARP".

American taxpayer money is being spent on illegal assaults against Americans by our own government!

Perhaps it's time to cut the budget that is being spent on torturing innocent American citizens here at home.


Dear Ghostgirl,

I have been praying Obama will help us. I am concocting a short but piercing letter explaining what is going on with us torture victims and simply going to ask him to please always keep the letter in the back of his mind. I will put subject something as:
Don't just end torture at Gitmo, end it here in the USA first!!!

These sons of bitches will go to hell. How much longer can we endure? If I ever get the great opportunity to catch the perps in the act, there ass will be killed!!
And....that's a fact!

One thing that has seemed to help limit some of the attacks in advertising the hell out of them on my property! I don't five a flying damn how "crazy" it makes me look, don't give a damn!!!

I suffer from the man-made faux disease called Morgellons, the one that they shoot nanofibres into our skin, causing unhealing skin lesions. Nice, eh? But to put icing on their cake, the now hit me with surface acoustic waves and other DEWs.

Have a great one Ghostgirl, glad I just found your site today.

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