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29e---Journal entry for January 22, 2003


Anyway. The book. Let's get back to the book.

In the book, they just try to deform her face and body and all that. And she just keeps on going through life. Until they find out about the equipment.

(She thought at the time that they had imported this equipment form the Middle East and were selling it to every pervert in the city. Turns out it is a world-wide phenomenon and being used by just about every government in the world.)

Oh jeez, that sounds crazy. Yeah, that's what the couple felt like when they had cameras all over their house and were watching them! See, this is big stuff. This is perverted equipment for sick psychopaths who hate people and the world.

They don't paint pictures and they don't make music.

They use weird equipment against other people. And this is what cowards do now. And it starts out very obvious. People know when they have one of these perpetrators around. They start doing weird things like playing tapes over and over again. But see this is what they get into. This is fun for them.

They get into the tapes first--sound harassment. Then they get into other weirder stuff later. As soon as they see that they can get away with a little of it they pull the rest of it in.

It's real funny because nobody in their right mind would even let somebody get away with that if they had any ability to do anything.

But see, in the school of hard knocks, you keep blaming the victim.

See, what you do is you keep saying "if she just stays quiet, if she just ignores it then it'll go away. But because she ignored this for many months it actually didn't go away. No, that didn't work at all.

And that's why we have the Law. That's why we have police. That's why we have jails. Just for this type of thing, you know? But everyones gonna just be quiet and listen to this and then their gonna act like it's happening in a vacuum. As if somebody just out of nowhere started spieling off a bunch of stuff. When in reality, they know for the last year, what they've been doing to this person.

And they know this person had it done somewhere else first. And it's amazing, if it was done to any of them, they wouldn't be alright. They wouldn't be alright. But, they don't have any feelings for other people. See, they only like to gang up on people...and nobody knows what that is. I know I don't . But then again, you're talking to a person who's not used to destruction being treated like it's a creative thing. But, see, I can learn. I can stop everything. I mean if I can't paint anymore and I can't play my music anymore in peace then I'm gonna have to learn a new trick.


29d---Journal entry for January 22, 2003


And if they're wondering why all their women walk out, trust me, they all got the message. Now, why none of them do anything about it is beyond the scope of her understanding. Tinsel really doesn't understand that.

(Now I do understand why they don't report this crime -- Once you know that a government agency is responsible and they are using tax payer money and "Classified Weapons"--secret, covert weapons--who would you report the crime to???)

But, women aren't raised to fight, you know. But they're gonna have to start fighting. Because, if this is what gangs of men are gonna stoop to then women are gonna have to start fighting back.

Tinsel knows because she wasn't bothering nobody.

She was painting pictures in the courtyard in Millbourne. In Marion Court to be exact. I'll tell ya, if reincarnation is true and she comes back in her next life she's not gonna be sitting around painting pictures without a fucking gun in her pocket. And that's what she'd suggest to anyone who wants to have a life and is a female.

Get yourself a gun. Because, as Tinsel will tell you, these small men aren't even upright enough to be straight-forward. They're real sneaky.

And if the perpetrators think they're ruining someone's reputation---She doesn't care what these criminals think.

And that's something they can't say. They live on other peoples thoughts--Do they think this or that about us. But, Tinsel doesn't care what they think.

Got it? She doesn't care what those low-life losers think. Their thoughts are the least of her concern. And she just wants them to know that. Because their thoughts are coming from their brains and their brains don't work right. She wanted them to know that. She has no respect for
for what comes out of their messed up brains. And that's what they have --- messed up brains.

And if this sounds crazy, if that sounds crazy---get used to it. This is what it's gonna be like now. And the funny part is the crazier she sounds the more she's telling the God's honest truth.

She used to be a nice, gentle person and now she can't be that way anymore. Because the perpetrators of EMF gang up on you and mess up your life and no one can see the damage they do but you. People can only hear you fighting them.

And all those women who sit by don't do nothing when you hear about this---you're stupid.

Because some day people may hear you screaming out and they aren't gonna do nothing for you and you're gonna see what that's like. You're very stupid because they're not on your side. They're doing this to impress each other and they don't give a shit about you or me. And you're real stupid not to know that.

And that's the way it goes.



They call it the Lesbian threat. Guilt by association.

See, once they see that you're gay then that's their way of getting the other women not to stick up for you. Oh, if you stick up for her it'll look like you're gay too.

No, it'll just look like you're a woman. Those men are all sticking up for each other. Are they gay? Are they? They might be, ya know.

But they know how to turn women against other women. And you're stupid to let it happen. Very stupid.

Anyway, that's what this book's gonna be about. The Crime of EMF Torture by men against women. Yet one more violent sexual hate crime against women by men.

And people like me aren't goin away, we're gonna stay here. It doesn't matter what you do. It doesn't matter how you smear us, our reputations, even our physical appearance. It doesn't matter if you beat us down, we're gonna get back up and we're gonna be here. We ain't goin nowhere.

And, we ain't gonna put up with it no more. Isn't that scarey?

Oh, she's crazy! She's gonna fight back when people attack her.

Is that what you call "crazy"? Cause if it is, she's crazy. She's insane. You can take that to the bank.

And that's the way it's gonna be from now on. Because, somebody who was minding their own business, just trying to make a little music and a little art, is getting fucked over by EMF weapons. And why? Because it's so easy to fuck over nice, gentle people. But guess what? We're strong and these perpetrators didn't know that. They just didn't know that.

And everybody that's going to war is not going overseas. There's a war right here. Right here.

And somebody is not gonna let these people attack her anymore. She's had it. She has had it.

And somebody else is laughing and going "Oh, she's crazy!" And he's the biggest psycho in the fucking world. Fucking psycho loser. And the psycho loser walks around and laughs and does his weird shit.

And he really wishes he was dead. See, that's suicidal behavior when a person does stuff like that. They're very unhappy. When they are unhappy they're gonna make sure they make other people unhappy.

See, that's how stupid people think.

Well, I worked too hard to get what I got and I ain't letting people take my shit away no more. No more.

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