Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Re: Coulter remark that Bill Clinton is a latent homosexual

Re: the comment that Bill Clinton is a latent homosexual.

I would strongly disagree. Why? Because most latent homosexuals are latent because they have homophobia--fear and revulsion at the thought of homosexuality. Bill Clinton began his presidency by attempting to change the military's policy against homosexuality.

Mr. Clinton obviously is not afraid of homosexuality and so it follows that if he were homosexual he would act on it and then he would not be a 'latent homosexual'.

He also is not a latent heterosexual and apparently some people are also offended by that as well.

The people who are repelled by all sexuality are called 'prudes'. And now we can begin to use that one against them since they obviously have nothing better to do then to complain about 'other people's sex lives' as they have none of their own.


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