Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Debate Last Nite between Hillary & Barack

Great job on the debate last nite Hillary. No sooner did it end then msnbc's Keith Oberman began the 'lets's pretend Hillary messed up' remarks. I switched channels. It's a shame the media is so biased. Hillary did a great job no matter what the media says. Anyone who saw the actual debate and heard their remarks afterward can now see the bias clearly. I missed SNL last week but heard about it from a relative who was glad to hear someone telling the truth. Hillary rules!!!



Hillary's run for the presidency is the biggest event in the U.S. presidency ever! No other woman has had the GUTS to do this in the United States. Meanwhile, the media continues to minimize this fact.

Women in the media have not supported her and this is a sad thing. Women need to stop being afraid to support other women. Why are they afraid???

Remember in one of the first debates when Obama and Edwards seemed to be joining up to bash her? And remember that everyone blamed her when she mentioned that while giving a speech at a university? They made a big deal about it as if she was being weak to say this. This is how they disarm women.

When Obama was electoral votes behind her the media minimized the fact that Hillary was winning and instead described Obama as being an unstoppable force.

Now, while Hillary is behind by less than 80 electoral votes, the media is acting like Obama has already won.

Hillary Clinton is up against centuries of male domination but all the media cares about is that Obama is the first black male to run for the presidency.
No matter what Hillary does they criticize her.

What is Hillary doing wrong?
She's a woman who is daring to run for president.

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