Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Why me and most of the women were targeted by the government for testing hi-tech weapons

I know I was supposedly targeted because I am openly gay.

I also know that all these MEN targeted me while they didn't target any of the openly gay men in that neighborhood. So they used me being gay while they really targeted me because I was a female.

They appear to have decided, this bunch of men, that women over 40 who are unmarried are useless (no man) and therefore declared open season on us. Meanwhile they completely forgot to realize that the men who do the targeting are middle-aged (mid-life crisis) and are failures and want to take out their frustrations of being LOSERS out on the opposite sex.

Ask "Why do men, who have the advantage in this 'man's world', fail????

Latent homosexual men who pretend to be straight can barely keep up in a man's world because they are depressed, unhappy and unable to compete with men in a man's world as they can't even get their love/sex needs satisfied.


So, after years of doing this, trudging through life barely able to get up in the morning, they are offered a job doing something SNEAKY and are told to CHOOSE A TARGET. After a lifetime of watching women get the men they are in love with, they quite naturally HATE WOMEN.

Also, they can get men to beat women which is the opposite of what they have resentfully watched men do all their lives. Normally men favor women. FOR ONCE, OTHER MEN ARE ON THEIR SIDE AGAINST WOMEN. MEN, SIDE BY SIDE, BEATING THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF WOMEN. THIS IS WHY THEY ARE SMILING. THIS IS ACTUALLY THE CLOSEST THEY HAVE COME TO GETTING WHAT THEY WANT. THEY ARE IN HEAVEN.

This explains why most of the men who are targeted were either whistle-blowers or had the bad luck of having a fight with someone who was associated with hi-tech targeting.

Just about all of the men were targeted for specific reasons. They were either targeted because of what they knew about the government or because someone had a personal vendetta against them.

The women were not chosen for what they did or who they knew. The women were chosen because they were single females who were almost past the age of 40. So the reasoning was that women were only useful if married to men or if they were pregnant. Some women actually have children and were targeted! So, the only time these men would leave women alone was when they were actually pregnant and /or married to a male.

That leaves alot of women who the government places no value on. Of course gay women are useless to them. But, for some reason gay men are usually only targeted because of their government affiliations as are the heterosexual men.

So, for most women, they have been targeted for government experimentation because they are females.


The government is sponsoring this "Hate Crime" and you, the taxpayer, are paying for it.


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