Monday, March 20, 2006


Today at my apt. building

Here are a couple of license plates of people acting suspiciously around my place.

X 1119U White van w/ladders on top (Dish co.)--He was installing a dish for over 3 hours and wasn't done while I was there. When I was outside photographing the low-flying planes he kept going in and out of M-3. A woman came out of there and stayed on the phone until I took my last photo---I was out there 40mins. When I headed for the door of my apt. so did she. He kept going in and out to his truck. I did get photos earlier of his truck and him and his license plates. He had a sticker with a dog on it to warn people of his dangerous dog on board. He also had a sticker from a Lodge--he is a member. He has a shaved head and mustache and is big.

When I got on my bike to leave he watched me. He already knew I was photographing the planes so he didn't have to be suspicious of me. HE watched as I left and got out his cell phone. I circled back and he waited there. I, apparently was keeping him from doing something there that required that I be gone. I locked my windows before leaving so he couldn't put the ladder up to my window.

Another guy went into the building while I circled. He went into an apartment that has alot of traffic. I'm not sure why. Here's his license plates----MWA 15W--White Ford MarkIII Van.

This guy left and rode by me and looked me over. As I was going to ride away I saw that he pulled up down the street around the corner and had walked up to another apartment there on my block. I let him see me seeing him leave. He said "How's it going?" I didn't answer. The perps usually try to be friendly when they think you suspect them. They want to see if you know. I don't answer them.

He said low "Oh-that bad huh?"

I said "Yes--that bad. It's never good when the government is out to get you."

He said, "No, I hate when they do that."

I said "Well, it's not so bad when your getting paid to help them is it?"

He looked at me and said nothing.

I rode off.

On my way to the library here I saw another white van come down and turn off. There was no reason for him to even be on the street I was on unless he was going to the library or the police station--he kept going off the road. I believe he just was making sure of where I was going to be--in the library.

Here's his plates--KVN 24P--White Van w/Ladders on roof.

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