Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Gay Slogan Ideas from 2003


"What's the difference between a good gay and a bad gay?"
(Cunanon-gay male killer)

"They used to complain that gays were too promiscuous.
Now those same people are angry that we want to get married."

"Most homophobes are latent-homosexuals themselves."

"Recovering member of heterosexuals anonymous."

"All gay-bashers are latent homosexuals.
The best defense is a good offense."

"Why would a guy want to deform a woman?
Because she's gay?
Or because he's gay."

"I used to be straight.
Then I got sober."

"I love women when I'm not busy fighting off latent-boys."

"Recovering heterosexual.
I used to think I was straight.
Came, came to, came out."

"Latent homosexuals are Queers who can't cope."

"If gay people don't reproduce then where are all these homosexuals coming from?"

"Trained to be straight.
Guess the training didn't take."

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