Friday, June 30, 2006


How do they deform someone's face???

Here is the answer to THAT question.

It's okay to be skeptical.

Here's how they do it:

The arteries in your body which carry blood to your whole body can be interfered with. They can actually stop blood flow in arteries which, for instance, feed the skin on your face and other surface skin all over your body. If they have the knowledge of which veins feed which parts of the body they can actually give you a slow but sure 'makeover'.

They can slowly deprive the skin on your body of blood flow which means that the blood in some veins just sits in one spot and does not flow back to the heart and get oxegenated. This means that your skin will be 'starved of fresh blood' and therefore age prematurely at an accelerated rate.

So, for an athletic runner like myself, who worked out alot everyday and had excellent blood circulation they have spent the last 6 years doing this to me.

SOOOOOOO---there is no way to reverse the process since quickening the bloodflow is not possible to do unless you are excercizing or your heart wouldn't be strong enough to keep up. The heart would only get that strong through a lifetime of hard workouts.


The above is my answer to a question put to me by someone in a forum for targets of this hi-tech equipment. Below is that conversation.

--- In a forum, A..> wrote:(in response to the post below)>> Ghost, do you have ideas as to how this is being accomplished? > It's a remarkable idea to being with. If it were used in reverse,> everyone could become gorgeous. Or even be able to have a new identity. How do you suppose such changes are being created?> A.>

I had wrote:> So, now, my face is being changed to a point that even people who > have emotional reasons for not wanting to believe this is possible > are noticing it is true.> > Sometimes family is the last to believe. So, the perps that are > deforming my face and body have managed to make the things that I > have been saying look obvious to all around me.> > This is kind of strange because the only reason they are getting > away with this crime is because it is easier and more desirable to > believe a person is going nuts than to believe that the government > is now able and willing to torture innocent citizens in a gangup of > many on one.> > BUT, my perps have decided to see how far they can go without anyone > stopping them apparently. They are deforming my face and I wore tee-> shirts the last 5 years that say that I am a torture and deformity > target of hi-tech assault. > > Now, people are looking at me and looking sad like they now SEE that > what I have been saying for these years over and over IS TRUE.> > So, I wonder how bad they will make me look before they finally > stop. Stupid question. They won't stop until they kill me.> > By then everyone will be relieved not to watch this long-drawn out > torture.> > Ghost>

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