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I am forever stalked. I don't get gang street theatre. I don't get break-ins. If I get brighted I would not know it.

I don't have a car so the only car-stalking I get is that when I come and go I ....

Right now, I am in the Public Library in Phila. and a helicopter went right over the roof directly over top me. It must have been so low for it to sound so loud as there are no windows above or alongside me.

Anyhow, what I was saying before the rude interuption which never ends--is that whenever I leave my home people get into cars and go too. I don't care but I notice. I know they are keeping track of me since it's always that way, but in a free country they can do all of that.

What happened today is I went to work and whenever I go there are aways a couple of men there talking and they watch me. Could be a coincidence. But, today I couldn't get where I needed to go. And so, I left right away and the guy was there and saw me leave and got on his cellphone. I came back. I walked towards him. He got into his car.

I noticed he was extremely overweight. I pretended I was on my cellphone and said out loud "there's another one here and guess what--he's big and fat. Isn't that odd that I am being tortured and deformed by men and so many of them are either fat, short or ugly or all three?"

Oddly enough, my neighbor perp who targeted me originally for this fate worse than death and who lived next door to me for 7 1/2 years gained about 100 lbs. in the last 2 years that I lived there and so did his wife who had been on the skinny side.

Anyhow, this guy got on his cell again. Another old guy comes out and is carrying a package. I walk down the street. At the end of the block I turn and look back to see if they got in THE CAR WHICH IS STILL TURNED ON and left yet.

But, no, they had not and were in the cold--a fat man and an old man out in the cold when one of them had a warm car and the other one just came out of a warm car. Apparently they had to stay on that corner.

I looked at them and let them know I was watching them.

When I turned the corner to leave a cop car was sitting there.

Everytime I go to work there is a cop car either at the beginning or right after I arrive.
And as I turned up another block there was yet another cop sitting there.

The copters were there circling the whole time.

So, when I say I am not being gang-stalked I mean not in a physically threatening way. I AM ALWAYS BEING WATCHED--ALWAYS.

And I am a target of EMF Torture Chamber by the U.S. Government. Many targets of this horrible crime believe it is the government experimenting on them.


It's been going on for 6 years and they are assaulting me physically with these weapons and my face is being deformed by this too.

Is that an experiment?

All of the targets of this crime believe we are being tortured and will eventually die of this experiment.

Is that an experiment?

All I know is it is a crime and we are being tortured and will be murdered if it isn't stopped.

I believe the government is training their people to use the weapons. I also believe they targeted me because I am a LESBIAN.

Therefore it is a vicious GANG-BANG, a heinous HATE CRIME, and a rapacious SEX CRIME --all rolled into one.

This crime is being perpetrated by A GROUP OF MEN AGAINST A SINGLE FEMALE.

Does it get any more cowardly than that.

They have secret EMF weapons and I am unarmed.

This is a bloody massacre.

When will the truth come out about this crime?

Read the book "1996" by Gloria Naylor to find out more about the horrible crime being perpetrated in the country by a secret government agency.

There were employees of the NSA who were whistle-blowers on the NSA. They have since been fired and labeled "MENTALLY ILL" at the same workplace they blew the whistle on.

This crime is used against individuals by gangs of government agents. They use EMF (electromagnetic frequency) Weapons on these people. These are weapons which can be fired from inside a neighbors' home. The EMF goes right through walls.

When people are targeted with these weapons other people can't see the EMF or where it's coming from.

This means that you can't prove that it's being done to you.

That means they can get away with assault, torture and even murder while making the person they target look like they are INSANE.



Journal 02/09/06 War Time vs. Peace Time

There are people who feel free and happy during peace time and those who are only happy during war time.

The latent homosexual is only happy during war time. I know nothing about latent homosexual females whatsoever. But latent homosexual males I am an expert on.

The latent homosexual male is always at war with himself and since he pretends to be straight while actually being homosexual - he is always at war with the world as well.

So, in peace time, he is a miserable, frustrated person who not only doesn't enjoy life, love or happiness but he never truly experiences freedom.

He is never free to be himself. He is always in masquerade. Always proving his heterosexuality while feeling unhappy over his lack of satisfaction of his true sexuality.

This man thrives during war time. He gets to spend all of his time with other men and can take his hostility out on an EXTERNAL ENEMY. This is preferable to his INNER WAR - a war which gives him no satisfaction. A war he can never win.

So, with this EMF weaponry--he can now wage war with women by attacking the innocent female he is so envious of. If only he had been born female! All his conflicts would be resolved. HE COULD LOVE MEN AND NOT BE GAY.

So, here at home, where we should be safe, women are being viciously attacked by the unhappy latent homosexual male.

It's a known fact that gay men have been beaten and killed by the latent homosexual male since the beginning of time.

What hasn't been addressed is the fact that most of the violence against women has been perpetrated by the latent homosexual as well.

In a society which rewards heterosexuality and punishes homosexuality there is little mention of the secretive homosexual.

In a society where the word HOMOPHOBIA has no antonym---HETEROPHOBIA you can be sure that repression is working TOO WELL.

Where do all the weak homosexuals go??? In a world where you have to extraordinarily brave and able to stand alone against incredible opposition in order to LOVE---where do those who are NOT BRAVE and NOT ABLE TO STAND ALONE go????



If repression is a result of weakness then it will ultimately reveal itself in weak ways.

They used to call homosexuality - THE LOVE THAT DARE NOT SPEAK IT'S NAME.

So, those who dare are strong. Those who are strong are openly gay.

Where do those who still dare not speak their name go???



They are married, they have girlfriends and they are unhappy.

Recognize them.

They may blow up one day.

They hate women and openly gay people.

They are the angry men.

They are the men who hate peace time.

They are dangerous.

And if you are female they want to hurt you.

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