Saturday, January 28, 2006


19c---Journal entry for August 21, 2002


"Tell me more about this toy."

"Okay. Some years ago, back in 88-89, there was an article in Newsweek about how some scientists had found a way to watch through the eyes of an animal. Now, how they did this I don't know. Some kind of camera but oddly enough, small and unobtrusive enough to fit into the visual inner eye of the animal. I haven't read the article myself and have put out word and one of my friends is busy, as we speak, looking for it."

"You know, that sounds kind of familiar, I may have heard of it myself some time ago."

"Well, with cloning and all the other stuff that's possible now I have no doubts about that but this stuff I'm gonna tell you about requires a bit of imagination to believe. It's scarey stuff."

"Yes, I do recall that bit of news. So what's that got to do with this Hate Crime?"

"This is what happened. They ran her out of town in such a way that she looked terrified so that when they began assaulting her with their "toy" she'd look hysterical if she came back to a place she was previously so afraid of."

"But what exactly is this "toy"?

"While she was living there she heard people on the roof next door. She didn't worry back then because it was before the trouble began. They did alot of work on the walls on either side of her."

"She recalled it because it did seem kind of strange that both neighbors were doing this type of renovation. In fact, she recalls wondering if her trumpet-playing had anything to do with it. She kind of laughed when she told me that and said she'd had a passing feeling that it would be a shame if they had to go to all that trouble to block out her practice."

"And that was when she thought her neighbors were all right?"

"Yeah, okay with her--possibly tired of her trumpet."

"So now you believe they were doing something strange?"

"Very strange. Installing an electromagnetic field all around her by placing magnetic strips in exact locations and after they had it in place all around her in the walls they shared, they installed the same up on the roof. She heard them but figured they were fixing their own roof and needed to walk on hers to do that."

"While in reality this field was being put in place?"

"Yes, and there's alot more. Do you have anything cool to drink?"



"There's plenty to choose from in the fridge. Go on and help yourself."

Ten minutes later, they were both sipping their beverages. Burke had a diet coke with caffeine. Vachss drank some chilled spring water.

"So they had the field in place in the walls and the roof. Then what?"

"The next thing they needed was to get into the apartment under her. That was easy enough since the woman downstairs had it in for her from the first week she moved in. Tinsel had lived there first and then after 2 years a new tenant named S. moved in below her. In fact, that was the only problem she had there before the Hate Crime, this S.

"So she let them install something down there too."

"I believe so based on the info. See, this S. was home most nights for the 5 years she lived there. Then those last 4 or 5 months before Tinsel left, she'd leave for a week at a time, come home, grab some stuff, then leave again. Tinsel didn't think much of it until she started hearing what sounded like rollers right below her on the floor. It sounded like someone was below her rolling something with wheels right below her. They'd have to be in S.'s apartment doing it by hand---she could picture them holding a stick and rolling this stuff."

"Could it have been S. herself trying to fuck with her head?"

"No, cause it would happen when she wasn't home or at least her car wasn't there. Oh yes, that's another thing too. for years she drove a beat-up red car and then those last months she bought a brand new car."

"Well, that's not necessarily strange since people do buy cars, so after living there for over 5 years a new car at some point is not strange at all."

"Well, actually it's very strange since all the people in the neighborhood seemed to buy new cars at the same time."

"You're kidding?"

"True. And this is a fairly low-income neighborhood. The Middle Easterners were already living in these duplexes with too many people in them. The local police station was trying to get an ordinance passed so that they could check to make sure they weren't packing so many people in each apartment that it represents a fire hazzard or it may have been a health hazzard. Either way they all had new cars all of a sudden after this Sampath guy moved in."

"So he bribed them all into going along by giving them all new cars?"

"Well, yes."

"He gave this downstairs tenant - S. a car and in return she stayed away and let them do whatever they wanted in her apartment."



"That was the deal. The woman to her other side also had a new car and played out some weird stuff to earn her payoff."

"And this thing they dragged from room to room, what was that? Was it just to mind-fuck her or what?"

"Well I figure it was either used to tape her, in case during the course of the haunting she got pissed off and screamed out a reply to their harassment. But it could actually have been necessary to magnetize the field---a power source---One below and a guy on the roof above her while the walls to either side were turned on."

"Yes, but you said they had the strips in the roof already--right?"

"Yes. And we're really not sure ourselves how this works for sure. I'm just figuring that she heard someone on the roof and that may have been to keep the field and the magnetic stuff intensely focused. See, we figure this took a period of time when a few people had to do a lot of physical work trailing her closely til the field was pushed into place."

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