Friday, August 11, 2006


How we try to expose this crime

I think that people as a whole instinctively sense the fact that we, as targeted individuals, are being disempowered by being discredited. And, human nature, being what it is, will always shun a person they perceive to be weak. ( A discredited person is vulnerable and therefore perceived to be weak) . Your family and friends will hang in out of love for you and this will hurt them in time.

So, people who "make a difference" in this world always go against the instinct of fear and choose compassion.

Fear tells people to "go along" with the crime in order to stay safe themselves. During Nazi Germanys' brief "reign of terror" people "went along" out of fear. The few who acted on the 'truth' instead of the 'fear' were punished.

The people who acted on "truth & fear" left the country as soon as possible.
I notice that the healthiest people are "willing to consider the possibility" that this crime is possible.

But, with the "New Age" type of thinking we have in the world today you can expect people to shun you and "your problem". They are busy avoiding "negative people and topics".

We need to expose the crime to as many people as possible in order to target the intelligent people with heart who can believe this is possible and therefore probable. People who see the danger and CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE.

I keep telling people about teeshirts because you can put one on and walk around all day and that many people will be exposed to this knowledge. If we all did this in every city we would get conversations going.

Same thing with flyers. Putting out different types of info helps us to reach everyone. They may laugh or think you are crazy but that's just the first stage---DENIAL.

The more we put out the info the LESS DENIABLE IT BECOMES. Eventually it will become COMMON KNOWLEDGE---NO LONGER A JOKE--A TRUE FEARFUL POSSIBILITY.

See, this crime is not OUR CRIME. We just have to let people know about it and they will understand that THEY, TOO, ARE IN DANGER.

The great websites are important. The radio shows are important.

Pick a job that you are suited to---wear a teeshirt when it won't endanger your livlihood. Put out a flyer when you dare. If you are good at writing--write a website. If you are good at research--get the facts we need. If you are good at public speaking--tell everyone you can in seminars, on the radio, etc.

If you are creative--write a book, a screenplay, a song or paint a painting ABOUT THIS CRIME.


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