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29c---Journal entry for January 22, 2003


She also knows that when women get together with women they actually enjoy each other.
You hear alot of laughter and you hear people enjoying themselves. I won't go into it any further than that but that's something you never hear around here. You never hear it. Ever hear it. Ya got that? Ever.

But, anyway, she now realized that this was a problem. They got rid of somebody here--one person. And that persons' gone now and you know she really has an understanding that this was one of the goals of the whole thing--to get rid of that one person. So, anyway...

They won't be able to get rid of her because she's still trying to find a way to get the law in on this. If not the law, then some other way to HURT them back. That's where she's at. She doesn't really know what she's gonna do but she's gonna figure something out.

So, the basic thing that she realized, though, is that until you actually figure out what's going on, there's not much you can do about it.

See, she thought that there was this motive-that motive-and in law enforcement that's basically "blame the victim". If a woman is raped, they want to know what she was doing out late at night. They want to know why she was wearing the kind of clothes she was wearing, etc. Their always trying to find a way to blame the victim.

The reason they do that is because there are so many victims of victims of male violence that they absolutely are always trying to find a way to get the victims to do something different so it won't happen to them. Really, what needs to be done is people need to be thrown into jail...when they are the criminals. That's what needs to be done.

So, this is a new sneak attack. And it's weird because when you already have people who are violent to begin with, the last thing you need is to give them a sneaky way to do it. But, this is like a new combination of violence mixed with sneakiness. And, you know, that comes directly from the Middle East. I mean that's where it first happened to her--in a Middle Eastern neighborhood. That's what they did--they imported this shit from the country that beats up their women and shoots them in football fields, right in front of the whole town. We have this new way of keeping women down.

But it doesn't really work.

It does to an extent. They certainly fucked up her life. And she was doing good and she worked hard to do good. She deserved to get her just rewards. And they were all taken away from her by a bunch of ugly, little, slime-ball men who ganged up on her and... . She still can't believe that they are this cowardly. It just boggles her mind!



Because when she was young, she read comic-books. Ya know-- SpiderMan, ya know--Fantastic Four. And she was used to the idea of courage and stuff like that.

And, in her own family, the men in her own family, none of them were like that--cowardly, little...she's can't even believe that these jerk-offs are walking around thinking they're superior to women. She can't believe it. They're as slimey as little fucking snakes in the grass and she can't even believe it. She still can't believe it.

But, anyway, here she is--talking about it. But, you know, there's no shame to what happened to her because look how many men it took to fuck her up! They had to gang up a whole neighborhood of jerk-offs on her.

And, see? They still haven't stopped. And this is what they do. If you ever see ducks, this is what they do. They gang up about twenty male ducks on a female and peck the shit out of her head. And you know it's kind of like that.

But it's funny because they look like they're smaller and smaller when they gather more and more of them to attack. My feeling is, like again, as we said before about the Olympics---it's one on one. That's an even competition. So, if you get a bunch of people ganged up on one person--the minute you do that you're admitting that you're a weak, slimey, little loser. You know, and that's the way she plays. And she'll always play that way. She's always gonna know what it really comes down to.

And if you're a little slimey coward, it doesn't fucking matter. If you have to gang up a bunch of people and do that to one person--you are a coward.

If you are a coward,then you are admitting from the very beginning that you are weak. If you admit from the very beginning that you are weak, you can never win. You can't win a battle of wits, you can't win a battle of any kind because you are already admitting that you can't do it one-on-one. So you lost the minute you started this gang-bang.

And, you know, that's the way she feels about it. She feels that the minute any guy gangs up other guys on a woman that they are admitting they're a coward. And she thinks that they have displayed this to all of the women that are watching. She knows that they got that message.

They got that message. Because believe it or not, that doesn't really sit well with women to see other women getting beat up by gang of men. It doesn't make them feel good. If you were trying to scare them you did succeed. But that's not what's going to succeed in the long run. Because people don't like being terrorized. So, that's what you're doing--you're terrorizing women. And everybody got the message. Everybody got the message.

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