Monday, February 27, 2006


"Perple"--during EMF crime-2000--2006

"Perple" in their Cars 2005-2006

Brigantine, NJ

RWF 73K White Ford
SLH 65H Gold Accord
WBM 22L Gold Lancer or (NBM 22L)
RWE 81T Black Camry
JDN 12F Silver Sonata
PEV 24L Green Ford Explorer
LWF 72V Dark Green Chevy Van
SMN 15K Gold Corolla
SMN 15K Silver Toyota

FMT 7340 White SUV

Perple during the EMF Hate Crime

Kodandaram Pollarisetti (Millbourne, Upper Darby, PA)
Sampath Ponaguti (Millbourne, Upper Darby, PA)
Chris Hannan (S.Philly)
Barry Hannan (S.Philly)
Joan Watson-Patco (S.Philly)
Sieng Tran (S.Philly)
Keisha Lee (W.Philly)
Steven Harris (W.Philly)

*Perple"--People who perpetrate EMF crimes against innocent citizens for the Government and other parties for fun and profit.

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