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29b---Journal entry for January 22, 2003


Now, what happened is they continued to stalk her. And do til this day. That's another story.

And this is all part of this book she's writing.

Anyway. She moved to a new place and was discussing this with her mother. And a few times discussing this with her sister. Because, see, she has a mother and she has a sister. She has a family.

Oh, okay. Some people don't like it when you have a family when they themselves haven't got one. Anyway, some adopted nitwit overheard her because he was listening with his ear up against the wall and he decided to reenact the hate crime.

Now, see, he couldn't have done it if it was something out in the open. You know what I mean? But he figured that if she already went to the police repeatedly about something filed complaints against people, and still had to move out, that if she were to make the same claim again in a new neighborhood--it would look to like she was crazy! That's what he thought. The funny part is--it wouldn't look like she was crazy! That's what he thought. The funny part is--it wouldn't look like she was crazy. But she knew she wasn't gonna get anywhere without a witness so she didn't do it.

Nobody thinks it's crazy because they're doing this to people all over the city.

But, she needed at least one witness and she didn't get one witness.

She didn't get one witness. She has alot of people that don't give a fuck what happens to other people living around her. And she's alright with that because what goes around comes around.

But, anyway, this is what is happening to her. And she didn't do anything to anybody. Nothing. She has no record of ever hurting another human being. And this is what they are doing to her. Okay?

They are cowards. Anyway, so she has to write a book about this so that people will know what people are doing to people--right?

Anyway, as the book goes on she gets into this thing where she starts understanding the whole nature of the situation. And she goes on and she's putting it all down.



She spent alot of time trying to figure out motives, etc., and realized at some point that it really didn't matter what the motives were. See, the motives were that she was gay and she had a bunch of men attacking her. It's pretty clear what the motive was. Pretty clear.

Even though she was being attacked constantly, she was doing better than the heterosexual women around her. She knew that now because she knew that if they were actually living with these jerk-offs, they had it worse than her. It never occurred to her before. She was too busy living her own life--minding her own business.

But, anyway, as the saying goes. What happened was, with this new equipment they came out with, they were selling it to every weirdo in the city. And they had full intentions of putting it on women---both heterosexual and homosexual women. They'll put it on any woman -- that's basically it. It's kind of like a peep-show type of thing and this is the new weapon against women.

And there will always be weapons against women because women will always be beaten down by men. That's basically what this comes down to.

Of course, there are good men as there are good of everything, but there are enough bad ones that they're going to make life miserable for everybody. The only thing is that this is so sneaky--what they're doing now, that it's not able to be detected. See, what they do is scan the neighborhood first and they make sure that the people in the immediate area surrounding the person, are in agreement or will cooperate.

And all they do is find out if they're actually prejudiced against gays. And, you know, that's easy to find out. It's not always going to be possible for them to do this. If there's even one person who is a caring human being there they won't be able to get away with it.

Now, if they find anyone whose good who is afraid and has more fear than concern for other people--that person will be run right over because they know that person won't do anything. It's kind of like the school of hard knocks where people blame the victim. And, as long as they can blame the victim and get people to think "Oh well, ya know, it's their own fault, this or that..." then that's what they'll do. If you get someone who is afraid all you have to do is play with their fear.

So, anyway, as it turns out, this is what they'll be doing to many a person. And, it really means nothing to them. All they care about is that they get what they want.

And this is what they call masculinity. Ya got it? This is what they call being masculine--beating women down.

See? So, she now understands why they're so mad at her. She understands this now. She really does. She understands this totally now.


29.---Journal entry for January 22, 2003

All of 29 is transcript from a tape recorded telling of this tale...


This is a story about Tinsel Mildew who lives...uh, well that's not really her name, her name is...not really Tinsel and she didn't really live in Mildew. She lived in Millbourne.

In the story, see she lives there 7 1/2 years and uh...she begins to get harassed around the 6th year by her neighbors who have been living side by side with her for the last 6 years.

What they do is they begin a neighborhood campaign. Somebody who she metdown at the center told her that's what they call it--a neighborhood campaign. That's where they begin a smear campaign against individual. Now, since it's not very stylish to attack a person, for either their race their nationality or their sexuality, what they do instead is they smear the person in other ways.

For instance, instead of saying "Why, I hate that person, they're a homosexual", they make up stories about them. Now, interestingly enough, during the year 2000 there were many people who were smeared, ummm, she hesitates to talk about that because she knows that will be the next thing they say about her. So she doesn't bring that up. But there are certain things that immediately are assigned to gay people. I mean, it's been going on for some time. So! Anyway, they use this neighborhood campaign to smear a person's reputation.

See, the problem with her is, she was painting beautiful paintings and playing a beautiful trumpet. And see, that upsets them because they thought this'll teach their younger children that they can be strong women. They didn't want that to get out. I mean, here she was jogging, looking good, feeling good--strong. They didn't want their women to get the wrong idea that this was a world where they could grow up and be strong people.

So. They proceeded to treat her like a piece of shit. And, they laughed! They laughed while they were doing it. And that's a very interesting feature of all types of sadistic...uh, whatever. That's a sadistic feature in any kind of cruelty is that, the people not only do cruel things to people, but they laugh while they are doing it.

So, this is what they did to me.

Now, she called the police repeatedly, over and over again. The police kept coming. And the police informed her that anytime anything like that happened, she was to call them over and over again.

See, a funny thing happened. While she was painting the fire station she was talking to the police all the time. They were walking up. They liked her artwork. They were talking to her. So, alot of them were so used to seeing her either jogging by or painting pictures that they had a hard time understanding how this person could be doing anything wrong.



You know it's just the impression a police officer would get.

Because they are used to knowing that criminal types just don't act that way. Anyway.

They kept saying "Look, no matter what happens, they give you trouble--just keep calling us, keep calling us, keep calling us and early on, they told her to file complaints.

And she said "Well I was hoping you could go down and talk to them and just stop them."

And they said "Yeah, but you should go down and file the complaints anyway." That's what they told her.

She waited several months before she took their advice...because she kept thinking it would stop. It didn't stop, it got worse and worse. Finally, she did file complaints. Ummm, they steppit up then. They stepped it up.

Now, what happened was she finally realized she was going to spend every waking moment fighting them...either legally, I mean, she was spending alot of time down in court these days going through the books. She looked up Harassment, trying to find out what exactly...she was...going to court about.

So, she has all these papers mimeographed, she's talking to all these people down at the courthouse. She starts realizing that instead of painting pictures every day, which is what she was doing before they started. She was on a roll. She was painting alot. She had finally hit the point in her life where she was the most productive. And it was a beautiful thing because she had worked very hard to bring it about.

She wanted to paint every single day and it's a beautiful thing when an artist gets there. And they fucked that up. They fucked that up. Just for that alone she would like to murder all of them. Okay?

But, anyway, as the story goes on--they stopped that.

So, she went to court and did all that and filed the complaints and all that and she just finally realized that she would spend the rest of her life going to court about this.

So she moved out.

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