Saturday, July 15, 2006


PBS video "The Brain", episode 9- the criminal mind available at the Public Library

There is a PBS video series on THE BRAIN, where on episode 9--The Criminal Mind--they have a few examples/stories of the origin of violence. One example in particular deals with epilepsy and in that part of the video they show a doctor performing brain surgery on an epileptic woman. They insert something (a chip/device) that allows them to monitor the ELECTRICAL IMPULSES OF HER BRAIN. They chart them and right before she has a seizure they discover the changes in these waves and are able to predict a seizure. They then figure out how much RADIO FREQUENCY will keep the seizure from occurring. They also are able to BRING ON A SEIZURE WHENEVER THEY WANT.

The whole experiment shows her with a bandage on her head in a room on a mattress. She is playing a guitar. When the seizure is BROUGHT ON BY THE SCIENTISTS she stops playing and begins to smash the guitar against the wall. (notice how they experiment on her like a fucking lab rat--with no regard for her dignity etc. -- in the name of medical science).

The scientist who explains this looks like a sadist to me (I think you will agree when you notice the sadistic gleam in his eye).

Anyhow this video is dated 1988 and I believe just the wording of the explanation of the experiment is so much BACKING UP OUR CLAIMS---(eg.---ELECTRICAL IMPULSES OF THE BRAIN, RADIO FREQUENCY TO MANIPULATE HER BRAIN WAVES TO HEAD OFF A SEIZURE, etc), not to mention the visual footage of her in a room with the bandage--totally trusting her Doctors while they experiment on her.

Note that her verbal skills appear to be hindered or disjointed when she is normal. I can't help but wonder if they did some brain damage while performing the brain surgery. And I can't help but be disgusted as I notice them not admitting that they have as they show us their achievements in helping to control her seizures. I could be wrong but I have a feeling they did fuck up her verbal functions in her brain and then neglected to mention that in the video. (this , of course, just gives you an idea of how much they could care less about the individual guinea pig in their experiments---even their human guinea pigs.)

I think the date--1988-- also helps to point out that, if this is what they would show the public in 1988, one can only imagine what else they were already doing at that time (and, of course, what they have been doing all through the 90's up to the present).

I think it is a useful tool in our arsenal of provable tech. I hope others can also find it useful to show to people they are trying to get on our side.

People are being targeted with technology far-advanced beyond this video but at least you can prove that medical science is being funded to experiment using radio frequencies to manipulate human beings' brains using the electrical impulses given off by each human beings' individual brainwaves.


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