Tuesday, March 27, 2007


If I were a homosexual MAN but ashamed to admit it...

If I were a homosexual MAN but ashamed to admit it...

I'd probably would pretend I was heterosexual.

I would probably have to marry a woman so people wouldn't get suspicious.


And when I saw HAPPY GAY MEN ON T.V. I'd probably be INTENSELY JEALOUS of them.

I'd probably want them to pay some type of price for being gay the way I had to pay a price.

I'd probably want people to think that they are BAD.

I'd probably want to deny them their rights.

I'd probably want them NOT TO BE ABLE TO GET MARRIED.

IF I was a homosexual male who was too ashamed to be able to deal with my own INTERNALIZED HOMOPHOBIA I'd probably want to make the openly gay men suffer.

I'd probably want people to treat me better then them since I DIDN'T SUBMIT TO MY DESIRES.

If I were a gay man who pretended I was straight I'd be so unhappy and frustrated that I'd probably HATE THOSE FAGGOTS!!!

January 21 2007

New "Information Board" / Lethal Bullying

I put together a new "information board" that deals specifically with this issue of when I was poisoned by a co worker while employed in 1997 at Harper Detroit Diesel in Toronto.

I almost died and was off work for close to a year.

My health suffered greatly.

No one has been arrested for that as far as I know.

This person or persons are still out there.

The board is not really for "discussion" but more to provide "information" about what did happen and is happening in my workplaces to date.

Like a diary of of significant events.

Board is located here :



Gerry Duffett

14-4218 Lawrence Ave E Box 218
Scarborough Ontario
Canada M1E4X9


Pager # 416-612-5689

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