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29g---Journal entry for January 22, 2003


And it's funny what they say about the gay person, too, ya know. Like he sits there and he listens through the wall to her business and then he starts telling people what he perceives to be her business. And it's funny, anybody with any self-respect would not listen to somebody else's business to begin with.

So, from the beginning, somebody is acting like a sub-human...toward another person. Somebody is actually listening to somebody elses' private business...and really behaving like a jerk-off, you know what I mean.

So, it's like, a person should be embarrassed to admit that they listen to somebody elses' business. It's bad enough to do it but to actually admit it and walk around and talk to other people about it. And then, those other people jump right in on it.

And it's like all of you are just like...I don't know, it's weird, it's like... it's like a bunch of alcoholics that all go out and buy a bunch of beer and throw up all over each other and trip all over each other and run people over in their cars. But they all get along good with each other, ya know what I mean? That's what it all looks like to me. It's like all these crazy people doing crazy, shameful things with each other and then acting like their all right because they got enough people in on it that are exactly like them.

And they sit there and they call the sane person "crazy". And they're crazy--they're nuts. They're out of their fucking minds.

Anybody who would play tapes over and over again is insane. That's an insane person. That's a person who should be in a mental institution--or a prison! Because that's a crazy person. But that person wouldn't do good in prison because he'd be in there with people who do stuff which actually requires a certain amount of courage. So he'd be this little, like this little coward that's in there for doing this really...

I can't even...I can't even...I still can't even believe that...I can't believe...

I just can't believe it. I can't believe that people are out there in the world trying to better their lives, trying to get along... They're trying to get along better with their families. They do all this work and then they get these stupid jerk-offs ruining their lives.

And it's funny, if a person like that goes crazy--they're gonna hurt people. Trust me, they are. Trust me that person will hurt people. They're not going to go crazy like...they're not going to run out in the street and scream "Oh my God!" They're not goin to do that.

This person's goin to be so mad that you have thrown their rhythm off, like that, you just don't know.

I mean Hitler didn't get into Art School. Hitler did not get into Art School. If they would have let him into Art School...what would have happened? Maybe there would have been no Auschwitz. But they wouldn't let him into Art School so this is the kind of situation you're talking about.

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