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9.---Journal entry for October 10, 2001


How would anyone believe it? Oddly enough, after 13 months of this crime September 11th happened. Now the whole nation knows that the Middle East is full of many American-hating sneaky, calculating people. ***

***(this was written before I knew that the U.S. Government itself was testing EMF weapons out on innocent citizens all over the U.S. and allowing different neighborhoods to choose their 'targets'. They could use whatever criteria they wanted and so they pick people who are minorities in their particular neighborhood. In Millbourne, PA a 3rd-generation white, female American citizen was a minority since most of neighborhood was Middle Eastern. My bad luck--to be an unprejudiced person in a minority neighborhood of prejudiced people before 9/11.)

And so it was in Millbourne. I lived there 7 1/2 years unaware of their homophobia & perhaps more importantly their hatred of White Americans. They planned their attack on me for years. Now they have fucked up my whole body and face--killing off muscles, destroying blood-carrying veins--tons of small ones--cutting off the blood supply to UGLIFY my face and body. Why??? They are insane with hatred.

Americans don't know this kind of insanity--our only knowledge of this type of thing is from the odd-ball SERIAL KILLER. But apparently it's worse in Middle Easterners because their whole people back up their hatred--so the nuts just intensify a pre-existing illness to the ultimate degree of TORTURE.

Bin Laden has tons of followers.

In America, our women have attained some kind of equality but there is still sexism and the few serial killers feed off this whether it be directed at women (most often) or men.

There's a high incidence of women-hatred in most murders/tortures. Heidnik tortured women in his basement.

There's also a rather high percentage of males killing males--of a distinctly homosexual nature--leading one to believe that they kill repeatedly what they find unacceptable--homosexuals--to kill off their own latent homosexuality.

When they are insecure in their masculinity and their sexuality they often kill women and gay men out of hatred of all that is female. They fear their own homosexual desires mean they are less than masculine. Kill all that is not masculine.

Ted Bundy liked to 'hunt' women. He combined sexual hatred with hunting--that's what it took to get his adrenaline going for women.

Psychopaths in America. Whereas Middle Easterners seem to be feeding their hatred of Americans like it's their patriotic duty. Sad that they either wish to kill or come here and make money. But, for the most part, they seem to keep their prejudices intact either way.

I wish I had known that before I moved to Millbourne in 1993.



And no one believed her. She tried to tell them in any number of ways but to no avail. She wearied of trying to do the good deed. Here she was trying to save them from a fate worse than death and it made her own burden heavier and lonelier because she had to then watch them go from incredulity to thinking her weak and defeated and finally, worse of all, "nuts."

Her face was totally demolished--the youthful appearance she had kept all her life was gone. They wouldn't stop either. They didn't just want her to look "her age"--they were going for 80. She continued jogging, working, eating right and staying sober for over 18 years and still they fucked up her appearance--making her look like them--ugly.

During this whole fiasco, there was only one person--a gay woman--a former roomate--who looked to her like they might have gotten ahold of someone else. This woman used to be attractive. Now extremely ugly, almost to the point of non-recognition.

And Tinsel feared that this woman was being manipulated by these sadists as well.

Their evil was only surpassed by their stupidity. They used Chinese Torture--the slow, steady drip method--only instead of water it was words--repeated over and over like a mantra. Stupid words. So stupid was their monologue that I would feel it a sin to repeat it less I subject my reader to the same torturous, repetitive drivel.

At first, she laughed at this, thinking no one could know how goofy these people are. A weird sense of humor, she thought, to use intense stupidity as a weapon. But later, she realized they weren't 'using' it. Only a truly stupid person would be able to inflict such banality on others. An intelligent person couldn't even pretend to be stupid for years on end, even to achieve a goal, even if that goal were to make millions of dollars.

That would be equivalent to asking Vincent Van Gogh to draw stick figures for 2 years in order to make tons of money so he could revert back to his former talent. Why wouldn't he? Not in his nature. Intelligence can't feign stupidity for long because true intelligence is always connected with true results. They'd have to go against their true values and money itself would lose it's meaning if one had to be stupid and ugly to get it.

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