Friday, January 20, 2006


7.---Journal entries of Oct. 7 2001

October 7, 2001

She wondered when their karma would catch up with them. She wondered that alot these days--wishing for a sign of some kind.

And there were plenty of karmic occurances happening all throughout.

First, there was the earthquake in India--to her an unmistakable warning--or perhaps a response from the universe aimed at showing them how all things great and small can only take so much before they explode. Maybe Mother Nature's recovery was also violent and not pretty as well.

She now felt that September 11th was her own experience to the millionth degree--through the walls yet! And though it may seem inflated to relate these events to her own ongoing torture, she never felt her own experiences were only about her. There would be others--other victims, that is. There were also her own family and friends and their lives were also affected by this as well.

God works in mysterious ways, it's said.

She was understanding that He didn't only disarm the opponent, he wished them to learn why the weapons were evil. Once a thing comes into being it can't be undone technologically--only philosophically and spiritually. As we learned to fear and respect the nuclear energy, we discovered, we also learned to carefully protect ourselves.

After September 11th--they karmically got to feel the beginning feelings I went through in Millbourne. Now they walk around being eyed suspiciously and talked about by total strangers. And those who stick up for them are also powerless to actually protect them--only to pick up the pieces afterwards.

So God works in mysterious ways--they fell the pinch of that now as I did then--the beginnings of empathy.

Empathy is putting yourself in someone else's shoes and understanding their situation. They never did this with me but God has forced them to feel the same feelings--minority feelings, etc.
Unfortunately they feel it is a matter of honor to disregard their own feelings as well as keep their focus on the same goal now as it was then despite all the outer circumstances which would lead an intelligent person to reconsider. (Even though they-the perpetrators of emf assault-- felt they should stop this crime after the 9/11/01 tragedy--they ignored that and kept on using the weapons on me.)

So God works in mysterious ways and I'm glad God is wiser than I because I have no idea what the next move should be. But he/she/it does so we'll see because there's a big lesson they aren't getting and I haven't the foggiest idea what that is now since it's deeply imbedded in their Middle Eastern Character.

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