Tuesday, January 31, 2006


24a---Journal entry for January 1st, 2003


New Year's day. They were still here. She still was being deformed. She just woke up and was drinking her first cup of coffee and wanted this year to be the beginning of her freedom. She had a clean slate and was determined to get her life back.

The last 2-3 years had been a nightmare.

In 2000 her neighbors of 7 years began to harrass her. By August she was at her sister's house. By 2001 she was at a friends. Mid-february she had her South Philly apartment. She thought they'd leave her alone then.

Here it was--almost 2 years later and her face was deformed.

They cut off her circulation to her face and neck--- and her ears were now deformed. Her legs, which were her best body part, now had veins.

She was in pain everyday and could barely get anything accomplished outside work. She worked about 6 days a week. She continued running but they cut off the circulation to parts of her legs to disfigure her.

She had been trying to get word out but it was hard to tell this story. No one knew this type of thing was technologically possible yet. She had told different people different parts of the story.

She told W. back in 2001. He didn't believe her. She had foretold how her ears and face would be deformed. S. had been told too. Here it was 1 1/2 years later and it was all coming true.

She knew if S. saw her now she'd know her face had in fact been damaged. Would she believe the story? She thought not but there would definitely be a question in her mind--always a weird doubt.

W. knew her face had melted down and he wondered if it was possible but since nothing could be done he just tried to forget it. He didn't want to think about it and if she mentioned it he ignored her. No one liked to hear about a problem they can't solve.

She told several people about a book she was writing. So she was able to tell the story without needing to worry about it being believed. This way the idea is now out in the world that such a thing could happen.

Now it was 2003 and she needed to do more. A terrible thing was being done to her and she needed to warn people so that others weren't destroyed like she'd been.



The whole horrible crime had been going on for at least 3 years that she knew of and she had tried to expose it without sounding crazy.

Unfortunately, this just sounds incredible, the technology and the fact that people could be that sadistic over such a long period of time. Anyone would find it easier and more reasonable to just think she herself was insane. She herself would prefer insanity. But her responsibility to protect innocent lives was clear. There was no escape from the truth. She had to expose this or others would lose their lives.

Her old neighbors were now selling this machinery to a bunch of low-life losers who could easily install it in any property they owned and then proceed to do horrible things to the unknowing victims who rented out their property.

She had next door neighbors who were able to get the people on the other side of her apartment to allow them to install the thing in the adjoining walls. They went to a great deal of trouble to talk this neighbor into going along with this. They lied about what they were installing--saying it was a type of surveillance device designed to invade her privacy audially. Their motive they claimed, was to drive her out of the neighborhood so the children wouldn't see such an unsavory role model. After all, she's cute, talented and physically healthy and strong--it might give the children the idea that homosexuality was a valid lifestyle or something. The neighbor thought about that and said "You're right. Go ahead and do what you have to do as long as you don't actually physically harm her."

So they began a neighborhood campaign designed to make her feel totally hated and despised by her neighbors. She figured this was "not physically damaging." They figured driving a homosexual crazy was no big thing since "they are already crazy anyway." So they went ahead and installed their machinery. Only it wasn't surveillance as they had described. It actually was a visual peeping device.

See, they didn't really want her out of the neighborhood because she was gay. They wanted her out of the neighborhood so they could use her as the model when they showed their product to the perverts they wished to sell their machinery to. Her neighbor was using her to demonstrate what their product would allow anyone who owned it to do to unsuspecting tenants in their own homes.

So, to put this on her took alot of cooperation from surrounding neighbors but if someone were to buy this all they'd need to do was to own property and install it in their walls. It could be done to anyone who rented an apartment.

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