Tuesday, January 31, 2006


22.---Journal entry for September 6, 2002


She began to tell people just about a year before. She was at an art opening and a woman there who had a couple of paintings in the show was talking to a friend of hers. She was an exotic looking woman and she asked her where she was from. Egypt.

My friend Marilyn said loudly "Tell her what you just told me."

"Alright" she said "There's a new evil device being used on innocent people and it's horrible." She looked away and her large brown eyes seemed to be full of sadness.

"What does it do?" the artist asked, she really wanted to know what could make someone get that look.

"They move next door to someone and surround them in their apartment and install an electromagnetic force field all around the victims' place. Then this field is focused to create a magnetic field--the technology is very new but is used in the medical field."

"Sounds really weird and farout, tell me more."

"Well, once they get the electrical field aimed at the person from at least 3 planes, usually through 2 walls and the roof, they force this intense energized field to attach physically to the person sort of like an MRI."

"You mean they actually install physical stuff on the roof?"

"Yes, the roof is easy to access since it's outside. And to get to the walls they have to actually move into the adjacent rooms. If they are rentals that's not that difficult although it would take some time before they could install themselves there. Of course if they own the properties it would be easy."

"This is starting to sound really scarey."

"It's horrible, truly horrible. Once they get that field going, they actually can see through the person's eyes and watch their every move and all their private relationships as well. Can you imagine? They see everything you see--your family, friends, lovers."

"Oh my God. Do you know someone who's had this done to them?"

"Not personally but I know people who know people who know some of the assholes who have done this to people and they are the worst perverts. They watch the peson all the time and have all kinds of people over--their weirdo friends, to watch a poor person who has no way of knowing they are being watched like this."

"Where are they doing this? Not in Philadelphia I hope."

"Yes, it's here and in most large cities. It's new but they've made alot of money selling this crap to the rich sadistic weirdos."

"Oh my God! Oh MY GOD!!!"



"Do the police know?"

"Well, that I'm not sure of because it sounds so strange and if a victim knows and tries to tell it to the police they'll sound nuts."

"Can't you and your friends tell the police?"

"Well one of my friends told a cop friend of his and the guy said that if it's true that it's happening we'd need proof of wrongdoing before we could even get a warrant to search the walls. The only way to get proof of any kind would be if a couple of people who actually witnessed the machinery testified and we might even need the victim as well."

"That's really bad. What can anyone do?"

"I don't know but spread the word and perhaps at some point someone with that first hand information will step forward. Until then, say a prayer because they don't stop at peeping--they also are able to manipulate the body physically as well."

"Oh my God, you mean they could kill people with this thing?"

"Yes, and unfortunately they do worse than that. Some of them disfigure women--their faces, their bodies--uglify them."

"OH MY GOD!" She looked away sadly.

"I can't say much more than this--what they do to women is particular is so horrible it makes me ill to speak of it. What a world we live in--it's so sad. How can people have children after they find out that something like this exists in the world?"

"Well I will pray on it and hope the police find a way to stop this before they hurt alot of people--why do people want to do these things? It's really a shame."

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