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2.---Journal entries from April thru May 2001

April 1, 2001

She woke with a start--a dream fading out--voices getting louder--and yes--they're familiar.

"Hey, do you know what we did last night? We all decided to let you go. We thought about it and agreed that it was wrong and we're leaving."

A pause.

She rolled over trying to re-enter the sleep, return to the dream--eyes closing and then she felt it--the sharp tightness around the temple.

Reality of them rushing into her consciousness--pulling her away from sleepiness.

"There's been a horrible accident...wake up and turn on your TV set."

Ugh--them--she felt her dream slipping away for good. Time to get up.

They go on and on. She answers half-heartedly, barely remembering what she thinks because she's bored with them--with this. She goes to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.


April 11, 2001

Here it was--8 months to the day since "The Crowd" invaded and things weren't getting any better--in fact they seemed to be learning new ways each day to invade further and further.

She had realized some months before that "rape" was the term for this and "attempted murder" was another. They were persistent but had not realized who they were dealing with--a highly spiritual person with a very strong sense of self--not easy to shake this cat down from her tree.

They hate that--they act like it's a battle of wills--but since they are armed and invulnerable for the most part--they are mistaken. This is an assault on and innocent unarmed victim--but spiritually, a sense of values, a sense of self as well as others is a suit of armor and my own is quite strong.

Unfortunately, it's such a waste of my precious time. This used to anger me. Now I just wonder what the point of their ongoing assault is all about.

They claim they stand to make money doing this shit to people but all I see is a vast wasteland of cluttered, abused corpses in the future of the human race. They care only for their own so the battle is not between them and me. It's between people who care period and those who care only for their bloodline.

This is sad and stupid but I suppose in the end this will be the wave of the future--sort of like "1984" and "Planet of the Apes" combined--only the apes were intelligent.

So, privacy will be gone and people will never be the same. Once they find out about this shit everyone will become tight-lipped and humanity will shrink psychologically because, where communication itself is feared and censored, all beauty and creation and joy are stifled. Love goes underground. All is not lost but the change will be the worst in human history.

The weird part is they know it's wrong. They know it will fall into the worst hands and still they don't care. Of course their own hands aren't exactly clean. But, to see the potential harm and to go ahead and give birth to this kind of horror is beyond my comprehension. I can't conceive of how they are able to consider themselves intelligent while they are being so careless in such a big way--too sad to even cry over--really.

I guess this is going to be the end of the world and people will kill themselves in droves because of this. What can I do? What? Nothing--absolutely nothing. And now Hell on Earth will have reached closer to being a reality than ever before.

Beautiful women will be stalked with this. Strong men and women will be assaulted. Children will be molested before they are allowed to grow up and even if they are unaware they will not feel right--or if they know about it they will feel more inhibited than any of us ever had to.

People of good character will be constantly put through it--and the person who created it listens and loves the attention that he steals. People who are confident will be crawling around, reduced by jealous, sadistic, bitter and hateful monsters.

So Hell is going to be here. Very sad. So glad I didn't have children. What kind of world will they live in--Yuuck!

A new form of rape--just what we needed.


May 15, 2001

Over 9 months since the invasion and as could be imagined (only by someone who is me) things are unimaginably worse. Since they are present, I won't list the atrocities but there are less people involved. I can only make out 4 though there may be less, possibly more. I no longer think there will be a lot of this, certainly not every block, but it will grow as time goes on. In fact, I take it back. I am a good person so it's naieve to think it won't be alot. But if the police find out everything will be diffused. So, just one bust and the whole fucking party will be over.

(Of course, now in hindsight, I see how wrong I was about this crime. I now know that this is being done to people all over the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, U.K., Russia, Japan, France and Norway.)


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