Sunday, January 22, 2006


12.---Journal entry around Dec. 2001

This is to tell anyone who cares about other human beings and privacy that this equipment was put on me in Millbourne, Upper Darby, PA in 2000 and remains on me to this day and is being used to torture me, deform me and destroy my life in every way.

I've been afraid to tell the truth (back in 2001) since it sounds crazy but now I don't care.

They are sadistic torturers who like to deform women. They are from Middle Eastern backgrounds and they are selling this equipment to other people and making alot of money.

I don't care how crazy it sounds--it's true. Check it out with some scientists to see if it's possible to surround a person and do something disgusting like this to someone.

I was fine before they did this to me and now after being a physical fitness person all my life they are fucking up my looks to a point where I now look really unhealthy after being a runner for the last 27 years and a vegetarian and non-smoker and non-drinker for the last 20 years (as of Dec. 2001).

I went from looking 20 years younger than my age to what now looks like about 20 years older.

Now they are putting me in constant pain. I feel like I'm being strangled every minute of every day for the last 8 months or so (as of Dec. 2001).

Sampath P. and Kodandaram P. are the ones doing it and the ones selling the equipment (I thought at the time but now I know it's the government using me as guinea pig for EMF weapons testing).

If someone doesn't stop them they and the others who they have sold this equipment to will kill alot of innocent people. I lived next door to them for 7 1/2 years and they are still doing horrible things to me so I'm sure they will do this to anyone who is not a Middle Easterner like themselves. They hate women. They are even doing weird stuff to...I can't say anymore because it's all so disgusting. They have totally destroyed my life and they love this--they love to hurt women. They have gotten people to run a smear campaign on me the whole time to cover this. They figured if they made me look bad no one would ever believe the equipment was being used on me. If they started a smear campaign it would be so hard to fight that so no one would ever believe there could be more.

But, it actually makes sense that there is more if you think about it because they have spent so much energy discrediting me that people should wonder why and the answer is that something really bad and profitable is beneath all the smoke.

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