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10.---Journal entry for November 4, 2001


The jerk-offs Sampath and Kodandaram have fucked up my face-neck-forehead-eyes-legs-the left leg in particular. My feet-my back-arms-stomache-they are going to get their karma soon.

Back in January Chuck told me that Susan (downstairs neighborfor 5 years) hit a tree in her car and was recuperating. I don't know how bad it was but she moved out of Millbourne in October 2000 because of that.

But I have a feeling that the Middle Easterners in 49A and B who terrorized me got her too. Perhaps they even had something to do with her accident. Maybe they terrorized her to the point of reckless driving.

Either way, I can't wait to see how God will deal with them. The Law couldn't touch them--but God has ways that are mysterious but very effective.

They are tryinig to fuck my head up--cutting the blood supply off in my neck as well as all major arteries. They do some now and change to others later--switching off and on. People have no idea that they have this equipment. It's some type of medical imaging equipment they've played around with until they found a way to use it to fuck people up.

They have ruined my face, my legs, my arms, my neck and now my ears. My ears are actually falling back from my face and the cartilage in them are shrinking because they are cutting off the blood supply every day.

My hands, which were strong from hard work all my life are now fucked up.

They hate women but despise strong women. And if you're gay they want to kill you.

They've pushed my eyes deep into my head--gave me veins (never had that ever) and I believed at the time their whole purpose was to make good gay people look bad. They are disgusting themselves and seek to make the good look the way they feel inside.

They threatened to put this equipment on my relative while I lived with her. I believed, at the time, that they could but now know they can only get the campaign to work if all their people agree to it and that would mean they'd have to be able to convince a group of neighbors that someone was some type of threat to the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, I lived in a neighborhood with alot of Middle Easterners and felt safe. Meanwhile my next door neighbor Kodandaram was hating my guts unbeknownst to me. He was and still is a virulently misogynistic, homophobic (a latent homosexual himself) man and so he lied about me to get this equipment put on me.



"Sammy" Sampath P. targeted me for this crime and they drove me out of Millbourne in August 2000. The campaign began in February 2000 and here it is Nov. 2001 and they are still here fucking up my body and my life.

I'm writing a book about it so that people will be forewarned.

Sampath and Kodandaram are fucking up my neck now--cutting off the blood supply to the skin--aging it--I'm aging each day and people see it and feel sorry for me but if I tell them the truth I'll be put into a nuthouse. Who would believe this?

No one.

So my life is over. I'll never have a lover again--all the running (25 years) is all being stolen away from me. My legs were beautiful and he put veins all over them. They've been threatening to cripple me each day.

I never knew these people when I lived in Millbourne and they've been torturing me, ruining my life for over a year and a half now.

I went to the FBI one year ago to let them know about the hate crime but they don't care--few people do--but it will happen to all kinds of innocent people for no reason.

God, please destroy them--now--no more of this please hear my prayer. This is so disgusting--Kodandaram has children--he's a no-good loser though and anyone who would do this to anyone would probably abuse their own children.

I don't know how they do it. It's technology and I'm no scientist. But here's a guess. Since they were doing stuff to the walls on either side of me and up on the roof prior to the hate campaign I now figure they were installing some type of electromagnetic field all around me. They were looking up at my apartment and pointing and so now, in hindsight, I figure they were trying to figure out where to put the actual physical material in place.

On the roof and the walls are the equipment. It surrounds 47B Marion Court but I'd check the rood over the 2 adjacent duplexes too.

The physical evidence should be there. Some type of magnetized materials--I don't know for sure but I'm 90% certain there will be some type of odd stuff and it will be under a layer of roofing. Not anything obvious.



An autopsy will reveal much arterial damage. My face has been aged by the veins on my temples having blood flow interrupted thereby starving my facial skin of oxygenated blood--depriving the flesh there and along my jawline from regular blood circulation.

This equipment was developed from actual medical imaging technology I believe. It has the ability to see the inner workings of the body.

Their names are Sampath P------- and Kodandaram P-----------. They lived at 49 Marion Court as of June 2000 and may still own that property for all I know. Even if they've moved the physical evidence--which creates the electromagnetic field holds it in place on the victim--will still be in place (not now--this was written 11/01).

Of course, once the victim is dead, they may themselves (the perpetrators) dismantle all the evidence from the walls and roof. So, when you go to check for it there won't be anything. But, someone will have seen them up on the roof and doing work on their walls. This won't prove I'm right but it will be a coincidence you won't want to overlook.

So, if they're not in the roof and walls--it will be easy enough to find out if they've been up on the roof recently doing work (in which case they'll have taken it all down). In Millbourne, even the police may have seen them up there since there's not much apparent crime--they will really be able to recall something like that a few days later. So check with them.



Meanwhile, I've been showing people my face and legs and asking them to note these changes--some of them lie to spare my feelings but they can all see the changes. If you compare photos of when I went to an Art show with my friend T. in May 2000 with how I look now -11/01 the differences are striking and impossible to ignore.

Go to Millbourne Police Station and ask for records from February 2000 to July 2000 about the Hate Crime against me--at that time I thought it was only the continual harassment.

My painting was going great until they fucked me up. I've only been able to paint a few things since this started because they are fucking me up every waking moment so that I can't concentrate.

They are insane--evil and making money form doing this. I don't know exactly how they do it except they may be selling this equipment as a voyeuristic device. Something men can put on women to peep on them. (Now, in 2006, I know the government is responsible and using me as guinea pig to test this disgusting torture equipment).

But, on me, they did much worse than that--they added sound to the thing hoping to drive me insane. Fortunately for me it didn't work.

I guess 18 years of sobriety and journaling and 25 years of running and eating right (vegetarian and sugar-free), and also being a very goal-oriented person pays off in an intensely realistic outlook on that is not easily unhinged.

They sure did try though--and my life is being destroyed. I'm a very spiritually grounded person as most recovered alcoholics are & must be.

So, there's always a sense of God protecting me, witnessing this and having a plan for me.

I wish I had a solution to this problem but I am powerless. All I can do is try to express myself in a CODE of sorts--because the truth will not be believed now.

So I pray that God will show me the way as time goes on. I am getting people to notice the changes as I've stated earlier. So, I'm documenting this the best I can but it's not easy. I'm not feeling well. I have constant pain and torment from them as I also have to make a living and keep up my exercise and healthy lifestyle.

The book is slow-going but some people know about it so it will be evidence if I am murdered.

My ears are all soft now. This is so evil and wasteful and senseless that no one will believe it. But I have faith that God put a strong person (me) here because he knows I'll do what's necessary and I've expressed alot more than many would have. But it's tough-going because my credibility suffers everytime I try to get word out.

So people know there's weird things with Middle Easterners and after New York's bombing by plane they know more about their culture of women-hatred.

I guess somehow this will get resolved.

I wrote a letter to Andrew Vachss some time ago and he answered it but I couldn't tell him this. Maybe I should get off a letter to him before I go to sleep because there's a 90% chance he'll think I'm crazy but that 10% will at least put a warning out there.

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